Praxis Capital Partners, established in 2013, is a distinguished independent private equity firm specializing primarily in middle-market buyouts and growth capital investments within the Korean market.

Since its inception, Praxis has successfully overseen funds exceeding KRW 1,242 billion in equity, strategically deploying investments across 23 platform companies, resulting in a robust track record. This includes achieving a remarkable gross IRR of 44.1% through 14 successful exits, with zero realized losses.

  • KRW 1,242B

    Cumulative AUM

  • 22

    Invested Companies

  • 44.1%

    Realized IRR (gross)

“Praxis” is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied or realized.
 "Praxis" also refers to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing or practicing ideas.

- Aristotle

Investment Strategy

  • Game Changer

    Praxis seeks out “Game Changer,” demonstrating significant potential for accelerated growth through business re-definition, technological innovation, and value chain disruption.

  • Sector of Expertise

    Praxis specializes in Korean mid-cap companies operating within rapidly expanding sectors that Praxis possesses profound expertise and extensive investment experience, including Consumer, Content, and Technology.

  • Value Creation

    Established by three former Bain consultants, Praxis prioritizes value creation, delivering significant value-add through its proprietary Triple 3 Program® methodology and the management consulting expertise of its investment professionals.

Team Praxis

  • Collaborative

  • Open-minded

  • Performance-driven

The Praxis team comprises professionals who are experienced, focused, and approachable. Our organizational culture is delineated by three core tenets: collaboration, open-mindedness, and a steadfast commitment to performance. This culture, intertwined with the collective expertise of our team, forms the cornerstone of our unique approach to value creation. It enables us to achieve optimal outcomes through robust collaboration with all stakeholders, including investors, as well as the management and employees of our portfolio companies.

Comprised of native Koreans with extensive local networks, complemented by multinational educational backgrounds and diverse professional experiences spanning Private Equity Firms, Consulting, Investment Banking, Law, as well as Corporations, Startups, Software Development, Engineering, and Music Production, the Praxis team is adept at mobilizing its expertise to capitalize on opportunities across various industries. This approach has led to successful investments in sectors such as Media Content Studio, Music Royalties & Copyrights (IP), E-book, Mobile C2C Marketplace, Software as a Service (SaaS), Robotics, and more.